Great Gatsby, That's My Mother!

 the 90's, 80's and today.
:a photograph by tom
a birthday party from the outside/ los tres caballeros

sitting on a sofa on a sunday afternoon
:silence is obsolete, a photograph by tom

the empty space between the houses
:outer space

:fourth street

a walk down the alley's in california
:between a different pair of fences

:get in the cart i wanna take a picture of you as a child
:back alley

slow down moron
:biker alley not a bike in sight

dogs face
:alley crack

cans and a nosey dog
:alley cat

I am a cute little pumpkin boy.

Hi. I'm Nick. I moved to California approximately 2 weeks ago. My girlfriend Damaris came with me too! We live with my Dad. We do art and music and stuff.

This is my Dad's dog, Sammie.

This is Damaris.

She's standing in front of my horses brothers. They're calendars.

Here's some art I hung up. Some's mine. Some's Damaris's. Some's UNKNOWN!!!

Font size

Here's our closet.

Here's my Pep-Pep giving Damaris a book. Books are good for reading.

Yes, with your eyes.

My Dad's a big Amy Sedaris fan. Aka Jerry Blank?

Here's my elephants.

Here they are again.

I got them at a garage sail.

Here's Damaris.

Here's me.

The latest and greatest. A collaboration between me and the lady. That's my foot.

It's called "Robert Wouldn't". Because he wouldn't. Here it is on the wall. Yum.

Here's a piece Damaris made me a long time ago. She said it's my favorite. It is.

Here's one I made her back.

I bought some music.


And my favorite book. Trout Fishing in America.

Here's a list. Gross.

Some cowboys I drew around a picture of Johnn Waynne.



Oh, I almost forgot. My latest album "Arkansas" is now available. From me.

Here's a tasty jam off of it.


If you want one talk to me about it.