One pupil is bigger than the other.

First Things First.

Brand spankin' new hot off the press limited edition first time ever issue #1 forever yo.

(I made a comic.)

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I once did never once had did not not have nothing ever none did.

Here's an interview with myself from the future. Enjoy.

Johnn Waynne Redone


photograph of a car mirror making a rainbow

Something New

This blog is a new project that Nick Dolezal and I have started.
We hope to expand it and make it a kind of showcase for the photography, music, and art we do, as well as any other small projects we undertake, but more importantly its a way to stay connected to all of our faraway friends. So feel free to contact us and provide feedback for anything you find of interest. Love you all...
and with that here's Scott McKenzie.

Some old few new.

tulsa blues 1
 tulsa blues 2
e.t. 's 
:in the woods
two sides

1994 germany
art show 2010

"Money is sad shit" so Today an Almond Grove

        1.   brittle skin
2. hold on my old friend
3. "y"
     4. links, chains and trains of cocaine-white almond flowers
5. two
6. :"i left my frozen toes in arkansas"
: "no regrets?"
: "no, none at all."
7. "a photograph of damaris"
by, nick.
8. flowers mouth
by, nick.
9. damn harris
by, nick.